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We agreed that we were their to live a little so both of us came to the conclusion that it might be fun to see what this place was like. Our concern w...s that Rob and Judy would interpret our acceptance of their invitation as we might still be open to swinging, so when they came down to the pool we explained clearly that we were not and accepted their invite. They were totally cool and said they understood and no pressure so we agreed.That night we started out with a little roulette and drinks. Tar songe or shorir er meyeli gandho, amar mathata jha jha kore utlo. kan garom. or uchu bukta amar bahate ghosa khachhe.Amara serom kono kathai bolchhina, asole amader ei alto sporsho ar ador er modhe diye amra aj nijerder moner katha prokash korchi. Hatat kore Nilajana amake japte dhore huhu kore kede uthlo. Bollo – ‘Raja tumi shudhu amar, aj theke katha daw, amake chhere kothaw jabena, ami tomake biye korte chai, kato din kato rat shudhu tomar apekhai chhilam.’ Amio emotional hoye boli –. " The talker reached for Mary's arm to pull her from the wagon when Sarah decided that she had waited long enough for me to show up.Sarah pulled the trigger and shot the man reaching for Mary. Sarah didn't pause. She swung her aim to the second man and shot him, too. She was so close to the second man that some blood actually splattered onto her dress, and she was madder than a wet hen over that. It distracted her enough that she did not have time for remorse over killing the two would-be. She was lying on the sofa reading the book he had given her.“I’ve got to go get my mother from the hospital. I wanted to see how you’re doing before I left.”“For a bed-ridden girl, I’ve certainly had my share of excitement for the last couple of days.”“Do you want me to roll you to the kitchen?”“Take me to the bathroom first.”Jake knelt in front of her, put his arms around her, and lifted her into the wheelchair. At the bathroom, he lifted her onto the toilet.“I hear that Brian had to help you.
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