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“vayyo,vammo, Maharanee, banisanu, banisanubanisanu Maharanee (I am your slave mistress, dont beat me please) All four laughed biggerly. Naganani to...k a cane. She swished in the air, Big sound came. “Come on, show ur palm first.: she ordered. I showed my hand. Nagamani gave a big stroke. Ammo, I cried loudly.Nagamani laughed biggerly. Her sexy face became more sexy. Particularly, her nose resembles actress Laxmi’s nose(Narasimha, Jeans fame). It is very provocative. Many times I masturbate on. Game started and as it is small space accommodated her also because she is my friend and don’t have any intention till that.Suddenly it started to rain heavily we couldn’t go home and happened to stay there. She got wetted so I pulled her close to protect her from getting cold. Now no gap between us and my luck she was wearing a knee length frock. Rain and her perfume started tempting me to feel her.My brother started to wake-up and as there is no gap i know she could feel my boner in ass. As I. . fancy? I mean it looks like you are going to a party or something." Well, I wanted to make a good impression. I am at a guy's house after all!" Yes, but Kimberly..." Kimberly had put her red-tipped finger on his lips."Shh... just call me Kim." Kim's voice purred as she talked soft and low. She was pulling out all the stops with her seductive routine."O-okay... Kim." Mmm, that's better. Can I call you Theo? Theodore is such a big name." She moved to stand in front of him, between his spread. And i was really disturbed by her at that moment. We seated at one table and had some formal chat, after some timeI went on the stage there the cake cutting is going on after cake cutting. They came to me and ask me to come for dinner along with them I said to my sister and parents and went into dinner hall along with guests and there we started our dinner then Shipra started asking questions about my family and all, later Sindhu went to get dessert then I asked Shipra about her family she said.
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