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When Caroline came back into the dining room carrying the cane she saw a wide-eyed Lauren holding out her hand and Caroline just handed it to her. Car...line knew though that a cold caning would hurt and so suggested, "Will you be spanking me first, Lauren?"Lauren was blown away but for some time had felt irritated at how her step-mum had focussed on her own social life putting hers in second place. Lauren had felt both frustrated and annoyed so when her step-mum suggested first the cane and then. As we are eating our conversation returns to our neighbours. “After dinner,’ said Jacqueline with a slight hint of enthusiasm in her voice. ‘Why don’t you go for a walk and invite them over this Saturday night for dinner? We can see where the evening goes from there.” “Alright, my love, as soon as I’m done,’ I reply.’ I will walk over, and ask them if they would like to come over Saturday evening.’ I help Jacqueline clean up, and then begin my walk to the neighbour’s house. It’s now dark. We were a sink-college.When one of the Sunday papers published a Higher Education league-table, we were placed literally bottom - plum-spang bottom - of the whole of the East Midlands region.It was the nosedive moment. Parents took their teenagers off the applicants' list. Heads of Department resigned, one after the other. Anyone with anywhere to go, went. And it was painfully obvious that these included any woman remotely worth looking at, along with their husbands, of course.We were the. ”“That’s good.”“Yeah,” he replies sadly. But his wry smile reemerges. “You’ll have to convince me to stay.”“How?”“How do you think?”“I think I like the way you think.” She stands and pulls him to his feet. As they walked to her hut she asks him, “You ever fuck her?”“Cecilia? No. Too loyal as I said. A promise is a promise to her, and she promised to be a virgin bride. But we did most everything else.”“Then you do have some experience.”“I’ve fucked whores. Recently, since I had Cecilia as my.
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