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After that incident (read 1st part) I was feeling very ashamed and was not able to face her. Somehow I passed brother’s marriage. Next day there wer... some after-marriage rituals, we all were invited, but I decided not to go there ( as there will be only family members and I had to face her more which I don’t want to ). I made an excuse that I had some important work with my friend and I will come late at night. I returned home at 12:30 pm thinking that no one will be there and they will come at. The other day I went to the marketplace to purchase a new wife. One of the old ones simply couldn’t work anymore so I sent her packing. I don’t tolerate lazy wenches around my farm. Why keep a woman around if she’s not working? Seriously. If they’re not useful to you, and I mean for purposes other than bed pleasures, why keep them around indeed? Anyhow, I purchased Mala at the marketplace for three pieces of silver. I must say I had my doubts about her but she proved to be a worthwhile purchase. “To my wonderful husband and lover”, Laura toasted. Dan raised his glass to her, “Is Greg joining us for breakfast?” “No silly, you are my lover too Baby.” “Thank you, I love you.” “I know; you showed how much you love me when you found Greg in me last night. You were incredible. Was it finding Greg in me, or Artsy denying you Friday night?” “It was you. You bring out my sexual best because we love each other. Finding Greg is always an added bonus.” “And Artsy?” “I would have made love with. " Garry's voice trailed off as she realised whatshe was saying.Mary eyed her devious husband up and down before replying and verycarefully put the figurine down before saying, "I believe you said 'Iwish you had a body like hers with your old bisexual appetite back but afaithfulness to me.' Now dear let me explain in words simple enough foryou to understand, like I said before, I am faithful to you and alwayshave been. And my old lesbian appetite never left it's just kept undercontrol, so that.
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