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Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing about Paul. He is hung like a horse. I don't know if you have had the opportunity to find this out, but the way you two look at each other, it won't be long before you know."Cindy was a little shaken by the last comment. "H... h... how do you, uh..." Oh, Saint Paul would never have sex with his sister if that is what you are worried about. His principles would never allow that. Me, I would jump into bed with him in a second. Incest be damned.. “Silly question. Of course we’ll be having sex after,” Kayla stated.I looked around to see if anyone heard. True, no one here knew we were cousins but it still didn’t sit right for her to just announce it.“Relax,” my cousin said, catching me look around. “No one’s ever guessed we were related before now. Why should they think it now?” she inquired.“Because you just sort of announced we were cousins and that we’d be doing that,” I answered.“No one picked up on it. Besides, say someone guesses. ”“Love you too.”It wasn’t until after Duncan had walked away that Nicolette realized the significance of what had just happened. Neither of them had ever used the L word before - not even after he’d taken her virginity.Her smile returned. She was young, she was in love ... and she was almost certainly pregnant. Life was good.“Heya B,” Duncan said, dropping his bag next to the Protector’s. He tried to avoid looking at the clock more than once every ten seconds. 3:24pm.Two hours, thirty-six. I stepped quietly through the woods, moving past branches without touching them, stepping over twigs on the ground, my shoulders hunched over, head low, nose out far, working in the direction of the smoke. I saw the soft glow of the extinguished fire ahead of me, coming from the hot coals of the campfire that had gone out. I stopped, trying to sense how many humans there were. I moved around the campsite, looking for movement, listening and watching. The night was dark, the only light came from.
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