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As I entered thehouse, I could hear quite loud noises coming fromupstairs. It was my usually very quiet wife.“Oh god, how do you make me cry eve...y time?” she wassobbing. “I wish I had met you years ago, I have neverbeen fucked so well or so often!”I could not believe what I was hearing. I dashedupstairs and burst into the bedroom. The sight thatgreeted me is now etched on my mind. My naked wife onher back, with a huge black man on top of her. My wife’slegs were. I came in late as it was, thirty minutes late. I ate breakfast on the way there at some fast-food joint- a sausage biscuit with cheese and strawberry jam. Not the best breakfast, but where else could I go? Anyway, I managed, somehow, to trudge through the next two classes, the next one being gym. I don’t particularly care for that class, so I decided to skip it. I decided to take one of the side exits, and go to the community library. On the way to the library, I happened to run into a person. "Oh, a wet girl. I like that," Valerie said.She stood up, and lick her hand clean. She gave a brief kiss on the lips, and headed back to the bed."You never told me you ate Elaine's pussy," Frank said."You don't tell me about everyone that you fuck," Valerie put on the record, as she got onto her knees, and leaned forward.I was a little out of it for a minute, but eventually I took the camera back from Frank. He did get a really good shot of her giving him a great blow job. He had a huge smile,. The look in her eyes was different and her posture was more submissive, so he released her and helped her to the couch. He got her a drink and massaged her calves and then her shoulders. She melted under his touch, knowing that he did care for her, and she was happy that she was his. When she was rested, he picked up his leash and fastened it to her collar. "Throughout your life, you will be tested many times and many ways. Some things that happen may merely be a test or they may just be random.
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