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We covertly made our way to the quiet corner of the subdivision when Henry's house was recently built, which only mere months before had been a thicke... of overgrown grasses and weeds. The party was a typical junior high fare, u******e drinking and d**gs. I stuck with beer but Jason went more for hard liquor. As the day faded and night crept in the telltale flashing of Red abdicate Blue illuminated the darkened livingroom. I grabbed the sloshed Jason and quickly smuggled him out the back and. Al was handsome, young, very good looking and he had been buying her drinks all evening. In the private booth or even in the taxi, his hands were all over her everywhere and by now Carol was extremely hot and in the mood to give. Her cunt was wet, her nipples and clitoris were hard as bullets and throbbing. Al was moving slowly as if getting ready to get out of the bed.“Hey man, where are you going? Are you out of your mind”? Carol asked. “Listen baby, I told you once, I told you thousand. The charges have been dropped.”Carlson felt immense relief. Then he asked, “And Taylor? I assume she will be charged with false arrest and will wind up in jail.”Wallace smiled cynically. “Don’t assume. She got a plea bargain from the D.A. – and it’s a real bargain for her. Five hundred hours of community service, raking leaves or whatever. No jail time.”Carlson was livid. “Why does she get off with a slap on the wrist after what she did to me?”Wallace was philosophical. “Chalk it up to. The music was going I started dancing, boy I was steaming along I wasgetting loads of drink, brought for me as I told them it was mybirthday. I was having loads of fun, the guy was kissing me, I wasloving it. Oh dear drink does make you lose it. The girl inside wasgagging for it.Anyhow the night went on dancing, kissing, him feeling me up; I was sogone. Well to cut to the chase I woke up at 5.30 am, in this guy flatwith his arm over me. I felt, well sore, yet happy. I got up, dressed,he kissed.
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