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My arms reached out for her and before saying a word, I embraced her, holding her tightly. “It’s so good to finally see you,” I whispered in her...ear. “You’re not disappointed?” she asked. She had always been so self critical of her looks. “You are lovely, Darling,” I said as I kissed her softly on her delicious lips. “Are you ready for dinner?” “Yes, I am starving,” she said, while still checking me out. “Our chariot awaits, Dear, “ I joked as I led her to my car. I opened the door and helped. Red-lit in neon. “Gay Cinema” it said. Now, I always knew that before I died I had to suck a cock. Was this my chance? Who knew? So, trembling, I went in, walked to the desk where the clerk for the place was stood, and paid my 10 euro to get in. Fuck. I was about to do something that was utterly alien to me, but a total turnon at the same time. I walked into the cinema. It was dark (no shit, Sherlock!) but in the flickering light I could see some men teasing each other. On the screen was some. Areyou new here? I think I'd know if a pretty girl like you went to schoolhere."The guy that had made my life a living hell since first grade was nowhitting on me, luckily my mom saved me.She turned around. "Ashley we need to go." I blushed a little bit, eventhough it was the boy that i have hated since first grade, being hit onby him made me feel nice inside.I smiled at him. "Sorry I have to go," as I turned and followed my mom.I turned back to see him standing there looking at me as I walked. ”Well ... what could I say? I mean, this was so unfair.We left the school and Mary Ann didn’t feel like going home. So instead, we went to my house. Dad was at the studio and Mom was doing laundry when we got there.It took a bit, but we explained what had happened. My mom just started to laugh.“You mean to say, you two are suspended for kissing at the dance?”I thought that was what I had just explained to her.“Mom!”“Oh, I am sorry. You just don’t get it.”“Get what?” Mary Ann asked.“We are.
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