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"So you have a...torture fetish?" I asked him."Pretty much that" he said smiling."Wow...I'd never expect that" I said."And now you weren't sarcastic" ...e said slowly turning me so he could see me. "'re oozing pre cum! More than yesterday!" he said licking my dick head, that made my whole body shake, I was looking at him, licking and eventually sucking on my dick, it felt so good....I instantly came, but this time he didn't stop sucking, he kept it inside his mouth sucking every drop I. “You don’t know what DP is? Double penetration. You need to watch more porn.”I shrugged.“Just an idea. There’s mouth fucks and different DP positions and of course just what we’re doing and ... so many ways to fuck her.”“I know,” I said. I didn’t know what else to say. It brought me back to my thoughts about where was the line with Alyssa.Back in the tent, we sat Alyssa down and Chris turned on a battery-operated lantern.“Wow!” I reacted. The cool air of outside cause Alyssa’s nipples to become. I turned on the lights. Scott was asleep, a thin sheet covering his body. He looked peaceful with his eyes closed and a slight smile on his face, as if he were having a good dream. Colin climbed on top of the bed and straddled Scott, leaned down, and kissed him lightly on the mouth. He whispered, “Scott? Scott, wake up!” He kissed him again, then shook him lightly. Scott groaned, then slowly opened his eyes. “Colin? Leave me alone, I want to sleep.” Then he noticed that Colin was naked. . Sean set her down on the bed and pulled the covers over her. Then he just sat. Sean sat and watched Chrissy for upwards of an hour. He just watched as her small chest rose and fell in the gentle pattern of her breathing, he watched her eyelids twitch as she dreamed, and he just watched her face. Chrissy had the most content expression on her face that Sean had ever seen. No worries, just calm. She looked beautiful.Sean leaned over and brushed her hair from her forehead and brushed his lips.
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