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I love to chat with girls and specially 30-35 year olds. As a hot blood age, everyone knows that we are in naughty mood always. So here and there we f...nd something naughty in women. Always try to catch some glimpses. ;-) and girls are also naughty at this age. ;-)So this happened last week. It was Sunday and me and my friend has decided to meet at one cafe. I reached early there and I called him, he said he won’t be able to come because of some emergency. I said ok and decided to go to station. I once again lay on the floor on my back fingering my pussy knowing another stud would soon be up to fuck me. I didn't have to wait long either before the bathroom door opened. This time it was this blond muscular stud about five ten. He didn't even bother to say anything. He just stripped down. I crawled over to him when he waved his hard cock in the air. I gathered he was the strong silent type. As soon as I opened my mouth he had his large hands on each side of my head and rammed his. He quickly thought that maybe he had been wrong, maybe exaggerating what he had seen, and it was probably gone now anyway. So he looked and found out not only was he wrong, but now he could definitely see the big round blunt shiny split end of a huge fleshy mushroom head, sticking out from that open ended shorts tent...! Don's heart pumped as hard as ever in his life. Worse, he became aware of something that he'd been feeling since the first beer spill, but had managed to put out of his mind.. "She continued to grind her ass into my cock, and ride my fingers in growing ecstasy, then whispered in pleasure, "Enter me." I removed my hand from inside of her and lathered her other opening up, her flower, with her juices. She was so wet, and warm. First, I primed her opening with my fingers. She let out a gasp of air as I massaged her flower, and dove fully in with two fingers. Her pleasure rode through her body, and my cock continued to pulse. My breath was growing heavier and heavier,.
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