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I do not have lesbian tendencies at all, but I was so horny that, even if I wasn’t basically forced to do it by my weird situation, I knew I would d... anything she wanted. I was pissed. If Brandon wanted me to be some woman’s sex slave, why did it have to be Claire’s? I hated that bitch so much. She was smiling at me coldly. All traces of the giddy warmth she had shown Brandon had vanished. She slid off the desk, an indescribable sensuality suddenly attaching itself to her. When she reached me,. The thought of her taking up with some cock hound was absolutely unthinkable.In all honesty, she had to admit that the thought of a stiff cock pushing inside her had been in her dreams a lot lately. She had the hots for Mr. Nick who lived on the 3rd floor. He was always nice to her and treated her like a lady whenever they met at the door or on the stairs. She wondered if he would be pleasantly receptive to an offer of a blow job or even a good hump bending over his sofa.The thought of getting. ‘I love you!’ ‘I love you, too,’ Matt replied. ‘I’m all sticky. I have to get cleaned up,’ Mary giggled. She slipped out of Matt’s embrace and headed for the bathroom, pulling her sweater over her head as she went. Her body was still tingling from the young man’s delightful unexpected assault. ‘We’ve made love just about everywhere it’s possible to make love,’ she thought as she dropped the sweater on his bed, slipped out of her skirt and laid that on the bed, too, then kicked off her shoes.. Adam chuckled. “Good thing that’s the look I’m going for.” Adam flexed his biceps as he slowly ran his fingers through his thick jet black hair. “Better?” Fuck, me. “You’re such a goof,” I replied, shooing him towards the door. Adam grabbed his worn-out black leather jacket off the hook of the Home Sweet Home plaque and whipped it on. “All right. I’m outta here. Farewell, me fair Lady,” Adam blurted with a fake British accent.“Farewell, me Lord.” I curtsied, breaking out into a giggle.Adam.
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