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6″ height. She is medium size body and she is around 25 to 30 years of old. Light white complexion and she early working in the major hospital. Surp...isingly she is widow.After taking charges she did all our house work like my wife. We have a one servant, she come in the morning and preparing some food, wash the cloth & utensils and went to the other home. So, we have not worry about the food. I’m waiting for the chance to enjoy her.One fine Saturday night around 9 pm my mother goes to sleep by. I wouldn't have had to. After all, I likely wouldn't be wearing them too long anyway. When I had applied for "enslavement" at the Institute, I could simply have opted for the self-collaring - a simple pickup where the only clothing prescription would have been that I would have put on the leather puppy-collar which would have been sent to me in the mail. Instead, seemingly on a whim, I had chosen the full package - the off-the-street-kidnapping. For a moment, I had even considered choosing the. .Did you like being a part of me?...I loved having you”, she whispered. “Mmmmmmm, Yes I did”, Rusty moaned, “It was incredible”. “You're NOT gay because I'm NOT a male, I'm a different girl”, Willow added. Rusty grinned “I'll never see your ass in the same again”, Willow laughed! The rain was still pouring, they heard a shout in the distant “Is there anybody there? My camp site got washed away!...Help me”! She looked through their door flap, Rusty! There's a boy out there in a poncho”! “He. I didn’t expect this much love from you all… I was just mouthing the words coming into my mind about the incidents which happened to me! Basically, what happens is.. according to me, experience is the key to everything! HARDWORK BEATS TALENT!So the more experience you have in any fails you are going to excel in that field!I have seen it many times in my life!Well, that was a thought for the day, because I have gained experience, a lot of experience! ;)Now coming back to our story, this story.
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