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‘Why? My husband won’t mind in fact he won’t even care’ Rachael will explain everything and with that Joanne and her mother left the room and ... few minutes later they called ‘Bye’ as they left the house.‘You’re not freaked out?’ asked Rachael ‘Should I be?’ I replied. ‘Others have been’ she sighed. ‘Come on .. shower, food and a talk’ she added. ‘My pussy needs a little time to recover, it’s a long time since I had that much sex in so short a time’ she added.We showered together again being. Just then, Maggie's eyes flew open. David thought for sure that she was going to have a moment of sobriety and stop the whole show. But she just smiled and started to rub her breasts.David helped her. He had one hand flicking her rose colored nipples and one hand stroking his dick. He didn't think this could get any better. He watched as Aaron slid his tongue up and down her tight slit. She was so swollen. Aaron pulled her pussy lips apart with his hands and buried his tongue inside. Maggie was. She went through two more orgasms and her juices ran over my balls and down both our thighs. I was shattered, I felt I was going to cum, but I didn’t want to, not yet, I wanted to fuck her more, ‘Please god don’t let me cum yet.’ I withdrew and stood back, I had to let my cock cool down. I stepped to the side and sat on the bed, she asked, “Did you cum, Have you finished?” I placed my hands behind me, my eyes closed and looked up to the ceiling, I could not speak, I shook my head and just. Imad calmly listened to me and finally, asked me,-so, what are you gonna do about this? Go to authorities?--I cannot do that, imad. Our religious authorities do not allow a woman to file a law suit against her husband--damn…okay, well I guess he would not be that rough with you next time, if you do not completely reject him. I mean, you accept him and ask him to go slow on you, so that soon you will adapt to him, I promise--hmm…let us try that at least…what an asshole he is!--well, the gym will.
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