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Coach Miller told us to be here an hour and thirty minutes early for the scrimmage and be ready to play with everything we had in our hearts.“If you...give me all you have and lose, I’ll not be disappointed, if you don’t give me all you have and win, I will run you until you wish you had never seen a football. I want everything you have, I want you to be a team. I expect you to be a winner this year, don’t let me down.” Coach Miller told us.“Hit the showers and come ready to play this afternoon.”. As I went through the house turning off lights, Elizabeth asked “What are you doing?” I replied “Going to bed, I called out so I might as well get some rest while I can.” Elizabeth grabbed the blanket and syarted following me to my bedroom, “I’m not sleeping on the sofa!” she snaps.. I laughed and told her “Well stay on your side of the bed than!” we laughed and got settled in to my bed with each useing separate blankets. We talked a little and then joked about how odd it was that we were in. She made sure to close the door and lock it behind her so no late drinkers would think they were open. She made her way to the back behind the bar. The office was small. It had a table filled with papers and bills, littered all over it. "Sherry," she shook her head. She powered on the computer. It had no password and was operating on an old version of windows. She shook her head again. The internet was slower than molasses, but she did not need that right now. Jordan started to look at the. “Daytona! Did you fergit that he’s crewin’ for Alan Kulwicki for the Saturday races in the South? You know, the Grand National stuff?”“Ah plum fergot ‘bout that,” I said, mocking her Georgia accent. “I guess it just didn’t come up last night.”“You’re still a jerk, Yankee!” she giggled.“Always, Peaches. Always,” I chuckled.She held out her left hand. A small diamond ring graced her finger.“When did that happen?” I gasped.“Christmas!” she grinned.“And you didn’t tell me?” I said, offended.“I felt.
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