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This is the story about my friend’s girlfriend. This is my first story so please send your feedback to .The story might be a bit long but I will down. I completed my B.Tech from one of the IIT’s and working here now. When I was in the 2nd year my friend had a girlfriend who she really is very hot. I knew they never made out in college till the 3rd year. She is a North Indian Punjabi girl with an awesome ass to die for.One day when I was in 3rd year, my friend asked me to accompany him to. Today you, my Internet audience, will witness the proper way to examine a highly oversexed female. Though our subject has involuntarily agreed to help us, I have blindfolded her in order to protect her anonymity, but like all subjects in medicine she is subject to the mercy of the doctor."The doctor then continued on and said to her, "My dear Darla, since you are here for an exam, especially after all of the sex you have had these past days, I believe it on right, as a responsible health. I hugged her tightly from behind and kissed her on her neck. She was a bit startled and a cry came out from her mouth. “ouii ….Hssss kya kar rhe ho mohit galat hai ye mai tumhari chachi hoon”.To which I replied “aur jo picchle 1 mahine se kar rahe hai woh sahi hai kya?”Aunt: ussme maza ata haiMe: iss me aur maza aega jab khul ke acche se sab kuch karengeWith this I started rubbing my cock over ass crack.Aunt: hmmm kafi bada h dekh chuki hoon aur chhoo bhi chuki hoonMe: wah tumne maze le liye. This was encouragement enough and he quickly relieved himself, even managing to wipe himself with toilet paper with his wrists secured together. When he was done, they returned him to the iron bar and once again secured him to it. When his ankles had been re-fastened to the rungs, he was given a bowl of tasteless glop and allowed to consume it with a straw. ?You?ll find that quite nourishing, in spite of its lack of taste appeal,? he was told by one of the guards. Once he was.
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