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I will pick you up at your home at six for dinner. A black dress is my first choice." She promised to honor her master by looking presentable. I arriv...d at Monique's home at exactly six; I am known to be punctual. There was a winding path lading from the driveway to her front door. The landscaping on either side of the path was a riot of shapes and of colors. I even stopped once and bent down to enjoy the fragrance of some red carnations, which happens to be one of my favorites. I hesitated. He wanted to take me out to celebrate and told me to dress up and keeping in mind that even though I had to be carefully dressed as his cousin sister , I could be hot at the same time.So we got dressed and went out and went to a movie hall that was quite far away , so as to avoid any known people from his work or my college and thus we could hold hands and act sometimes a couple rather than relatives. After the movie he took to the mall to shop for clothes as per our deal which would we. Treadmill, here I come, he thought as he walked back into the bedroom. Little One had elected to stay in her drawer last night. He opened the drawer, put his hand on her and mentally said, I'm going to run a few miles on the treadmill. Want to come with me?Receiving an affirmative answer, he picked her up and pulled his collar open. Shortly, she was spread out over his shoulders and part way down his back.He left their suite and jogged down the hallway until he reached the basement stairway. ” For the next 30 minutes the two women worked their way through the cages, checking the dogs for gender and that they were still intact. As they moved they compared notes and comments on each possible dog, like they were shopping for a dress for an evening out then Hailey shyly asked Marge, “where do you Julie from? can’t imagine she is part of the church circle,” referring to Marge’s vicar husband. “Henry and I haven’t always done the work of the Lord,” Marge laughed, “in fact you could say.
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