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She was on cloud#9…… She grabbed me and took me to her room…..We were still kissing and feeling each other….. She broke our kiss and pushed me...on her bed…Slowly, she crawled like a lioness….. Unbuttoned my jeans and shirt….She rolled her tongue right from my navel to my chin….. It sent shock waves in my body….. My member was upright right away…..“Hey little fellow!!!” Was her reaction….. I couldn’t control my laughter….. But it was short lived…..She started to kiss the area just beneath my. It started raining and Ellie’s shirt became almost transparent as the few people we had seen dashed for their cars. We stood and kissed as thunder rolled. Her strawberry lips, soft sexy tongue and young firm body felt so very good pressed against mine! My hand cupping her ass caused my cock to press into my belly. As they rain began falling ever harder, she knelt down and pulled my cock out of my cargo pants. I was going commando. In no time at all she was sucking for all she was worth!. I surprised myself by getting into it as much as I did.”“Eh, we all have a little aggression in us. Finding a healthy way to let it out is good for you.”I then proceeded to narrate the events in the water after my session with Sharon and Jill, culminating in us watching Alison and John screwing their brains out on the beach.“Shit, Dave,” she said. “I’d think you’d be ready for some teen pussy after all that.”“Well, I did need a little recharging time, but I must say telling you about this. Stacy let out a small whimper as I increased the pressure of my finger. Stacy started moving faster, grinding her clit harder against me, making my finger move closer to the area that I, as yet, hadn’t explored. She reached around behind her and moving her hand between my legs she began to stroke my balls. I felt them tighten and I knew I was getting close. Stacy was riding me now, leaning back, and moving up and down on my cock. “Touch yourself,” I said, not really caring if my voice was too.
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