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Jessica is such a beautiful and nicely dressed woman all the time, and she was making me get a huge raging hardon from the moment I first talked with I have to admit that as I allowed Jessica to tell me what information she was seeking, it was all I could do to eyeball her wonderfully sexy body without making it too obvious that I was more interested in checking her out than I was in helping her. I'm a horny guy; what can I say? I found myself wondering what it must have been like growing. Her long slender legs were covered in black pantyhose and stiletto heels adorned her tiny feet. She was the personification of everything he desired in a female.She looked in his direction and gave him a faint smile when he sat down. She then took another drag off her cigarette and returned to staring at her glass and that was all the encouragement he needed to speak to her."Rough night?" Eric asked."You could say that. I was stood up," she responded without looking up."Well, from what I see,. .To my surprise, my wife set in motion a plan that would allow me to get my fantasy. One day she told me she wanted me to privately masturbate into a container, and then she said to put the container of cum in the freezer. She told me not to tell her anything about it after I did it and to make sure I did this 2 or 3 times, which I did. She further told me not to ask any questions or talk about what would be done with the frozen cum.... Period. So while watching some porn one day, I pleasured. I thrust against it. She went over the top, and the moaning got louder with each thrust. I knew I couldn’t last very long. A couple of minutes later I exploded against her cervix. I thrust 14 more times and spurted the rest of my 15 ropes of potent sperm deep in her womb.She moaned loudly, “Your sperm is so hot. I felt it splashing against my cervix. I’mmmmm Cummming!” With that she tensed up for a long orgasm.I stopped thrusting after my orgasms subsided and then she went to work on my cock.
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