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Even though I guessed Sandhya to be about 35 years old, if I had only seen her from behind, I wouldn’t put her a day over 16. She was small, about 5...��2 by my estimation, with a tight little body and blonde shimmering hair. By the way she was dressed I wondered if maybe she had a teenage daughter that she borrowed clothes from. She had ona red GAP sweatshirt and a pair of grey sweatpants with the words “Juicy” written across the backside.She obviously took care of herself, since her skin was. He reaches his arm around my torso and grabs my nearest breast. Slowly at first then a little faster he starts rolling my big now erect nipple between his thumb and index finger. “Ahhhh, harder and pull on it” I sighed. He does as I have asked and I feel my clit twitch and quiver. In my not quite awake raspy voice I say “ohhhh don’t stop.” He keeps rolling, pinching and pulling on my hard nipple sending tingling sensations straight to my horny pussy. All my coos and soft moans must spur. That morning the pyre had been allowed to go out and Eritor assured me that the ashes would be scattered in the woods north of the town. We agreed that, given the large amount of soldiers in the fort, we would be best served in the town to help evacuate, if need be, but primarily to deal with any attacking Voguel. Everyone but the soldiers and ourselves locked up tight in their respective domiciles and we watched with growing dread and anticipation as the sun set and the moon began to rise.It. She fervently rubbed her clit as her hips bucked with abandon. Her breathing was heavy and she began to moan loudly. Suddenly, Rose grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away from her pussy saying, “Stop!” I sat up with great surprise. Had I hurt Rose? Did she have a change of heart? Before I could say anything she pushed me onto my back and quickly undid my pants releasing my throbbing hard cock. She feverishly pulled my pants to my knees and hurriedly straddled my hips. Rose grasped my cock.
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