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That’s how I got him the first time. I played hard to get, and then I reeled him in like he was a just another large mouthed bass. I did it once. I ...an do it again.”“Yes,” intoned Beverly, “phase one starts tonight.”Bill pulled up in front of their rental, got out, and started up the lawn. He went in the house. He looked around, but Annie wasn’t there. On the table was a sandwich wrapped in cellophane and a note. He checked the sandwich. Bologna, Yuk. He opened the note and read it.“Bill I’m. His fingers grazed my thigh as his hand rested on my panties and began to rub around. His right hand rolled back to my ass, lifting the back of my skirt. He slid his fingers under my white cotton panties and pulled them up, revealing my right ass cheek. "Bend over," he told me and I got down on my hands and knees. He lifted my skirt over my ass and pulled my panties up around my left cheek as well. "Don't you have any thongs?," he questioned as he pulled my panties between my ass cheeks."No, I. Then I heard Nicki start to pee. I’m not really into that, but it was so strangely—what is the word?—intimate, maybe. Showering and peeing with two women I didn’t even know.Then she was standing, wiping, smiling at me. “Watch this.” She flushed the toilet.Myra yelled, ripping open the glass door, but Nicki was gone. I was afraid she thought I did it, but then she yelled, “Nicki, you’re going to pay for that.” I wondered how.Myra’s wonderful skin disappeared back into the glazed-glass shower,. K**s wanted to play some game, but my mind was somewhere else. I was thinking about his hand which pressed my hips. I started getting horny.Then I took courage that this must be my only opportunity to be enjoyed. I went and took bath I started wearing my favorite black synthetic saree . when I tied I felt like he was helping me wear the saree. When I tucked it in the belly I felt it should be his hands.Then I dried my hair with towel. Then bell rang. The service boy gave me the flowers. He saw.
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