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. not a chance.Me? I was dwelling on the differences:First time: I was the wimp. I couldn't cope with my tiny bladder. Bed wetter. Embarrassment at sc...ool.This time: Brave, highly trained, combative, bladder capacity of an elephant.First time: younger sister Grace is a flat chested hooked nose bitch.This time: twin sister Grace is the beauty of the town and excellently constructed.First time: Charles is 18 months older and eminently reasonable.This time: Charles is younger and temper tantrum. The sleeping gentleman was not truly a titled personage, but he would be if his older brother expired in some unfortunate accident or visitation of some dread disease. Of course, he loved his brother dearly and had no interest in such matters, when the playing of cards, the drinking of ale and the diddling of willing females was constantly his priority each evening after the sun had set and his nocturnal nature played havoc with his good intentions.His name was Harrison, but everyone called him. We came home I was told to strip I was in my bra and panties then I wore a miniskirt mistress took that waist belt and fitted it so tight on me I couldnot breath so I was taking small breaths then I wore a lil girls dress which was small and preety ..I completed all the work in the house and kneeled at the door of mistress ..mistress called me in and told to liks her toes I did as I was told I cleaned her feet removed her nail polish .. then she allowed me to kiss her clit my hands were tied ... I thought could she be that hot, that they were all waiting for her? Well I got my answer in a second and that answer was a resounding YES!'Holy Shit' I thought as I saw a woman of about twenty-five make her way out of the women's locker room. She was about 5'6" long blond hair pulled back in a pony tail hidden under a golf cap, blue golf shoes with a matching blue skirt and a blue golf sweater that contained an absolutely massive rack. 'Shit,' I thought. 'The caddy master was right.'I looked.
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