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My husband had taken your loving sister away from you but today he is gone forever and no one can separate us. Oh Bhaiya, make me yours, make me your ...ife that I have always wanted to be. You are my king, bhaiya. I am your queen.Take your queen, she is yours for taking. I am all yours. Oh Bahiya, make love to your queen.” Ajay smiled as he understood the meaning of my words. His trembling hands touched my breasts. I sighed loudly,” Ohhhh Bahiya, I have dreamt of this moment for ages, touch me,. Tell me what you mean.’ Cole barely resisted the urge to shake it out of her when Sophie just stared at him. All the strength seemed to have drained out of her as she rested limp in his hold. ‘Sophie!’ After a frozen eternity, her eyebrows drew down in the same expression of reckless determination that had covered her ten year old face before she took the old stone wall on her new gelding. Cole’s breath was ice in his chest. ‘I want you. No, I love you. I’ve loved you since before I knew there. Danny rolled over on top of her, with a devilish grin pulled out of her causing her to gasp."What the fuck! Give it back you little bastard! Don't you tease me you fuck, I will pull your balls off!" Mandy panted, reaching for his cock."Turn over! Get on your hands and knees you cunt! You fucking cocksucking cunt!" Danny demanded. He knew she loved to be talked to like this, it turned her on."Fuck you, you shit!" Mandy panted as she got up on her hands and knees." What you waiting on, you fuck?. Henry fingered Tasha’s pussy as she sucked him. As he began to feel his balls stirring, Henry pulled Tasha back on top of his face and ate her again. He ate her until she was in a sexual frenzy. The closer she got to an orgasm, the more cock she swallowed. Henry told her, "Breath through you nose, Tasha." As her climax hit, she raised her head and shouted, "Oh God!" She then shoved Henry’s entire cock into her mouth and down her throat as far as possible. When she swallowed his cock,.
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