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Iclenched my buttocks even tighter around Pete's cock and he groaned too."Fuck Gina girl, you're gonna make me cum as well."And sure enough, I could f...el his cock gushing a huge fountain of cum upinto me, I could feel it leaking out of my arse and running down mythighs, further soaking my stockings. A few seconds later and I heard Jakegasp and, holding onto Samantha's narrow waist, thrust deep up into herarse and deposit his own load of sticky white cum. Samantha slid off hislap, gave him a. After about 15 minutes Lexi came to a decision. Her heart was already broken and she needed to survive this. The only way to do this was to leave. She took off as quickly as possible from the parking lot and towards the home she had been in for the last 10 years. She would be in packed and gone before anyone got home. ************************************* Back in the office all the McCloud’s had gathered except Callum as he was out of town right now. ‘Ok Adam what’s going on?’ Craig, Callum’s. All of the fucking and sucking had caused everyone to start sweating. I looked at the four guys, their hairy bodies were soaked, and it was obvious they hadn’t bathed in days, maybe a week. “Why did ya’ll rape me?”Eleanore groaned, “I told you. Their boys, they need more than one woman to fuck. You’ve seen how big they are, I can’t handle that full time.”I looked down at her. I gently slid my hand over her soft butt. “What if I have a deal for you?”She tried to crane her neck around, “A. Their garments were stained and frayed. It was hard to get them to talk - they seemed to fear being overheard; but finally one woman opened up to Wei Lin and talked to her in hushed whispers. Mai Phan told Wei Lin of the hard labor that awaited her, the lash of the whip for shirkers, and the evenings spent on 'pleasure duty'. Mai Phan told the young Wei Lin that she should try to look as dirty as possible if she wished to avoid being raped by the sadistic guards.As Wei Lin smeared dirt on her.
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