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”“Thanks, I really appreciate you help, and friendship.”“Do you mind if I sit here and listen to the music with you, or are you wanting to be ...lone at the moment/”“No, stay here, it’s nice to have the company.”We sat for a while, listening to the album, and it had almost finished by the time Alexa had arrived, Mary Beth bringing her down to the family room.“Will, I am so sorry, I am devastated,” she said, as she gave me a big hug. “Are you okay? Sorry, that’s a stupid question, of course you. ’ He made a small, sinister sounding chuckle. ‘With the way that Aftersun is surrounded by mountains, we knew it would serve us well once we had found it,’ he continued. ‘And Maynard had shown ability in jobs he’d done for us in the past, but had a tendency to think that he was the one in charge. His skills were enough to convince us to give him another chance, and he botched it horribly. His kidnapping you, killing everyone in Down, he’d forgotten that he was a meaningless pawn, so we had to. .Hunh….Hmnh,,,,,,,hmnh then i started to ram myself against her crotch with the room echoing with thap thap thap sound,then i felt like coming so i changed our pose i pulled her toward the edge of the cot with her legs wound around my hips then again penetrated her fully holding the edge of the cot and started to thrust back and forthAfter sometime we last our balance and fell on the floor still we continued our act with increased vigour after sometime she again cummed this time harder,then i. I’ve come to enjoy it. Have you ever been to the Music Hall on Quarter street?” “No, I’ve never had the chance.” “Take it. You’ll hear some music of people baring their souls there.” Then, my instincts flared up. I looked into her silver eyes and asked, “You already know what the verdict will be, don’t you?” “No, I don’t. I only know it won’t matter. The worst they can do is kill me or sentence me to hard labor. Either of which I will escape.” “You could escape now, couldn’t you?” “You already.
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