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" I thought, as I walked into the house. I went straight to the basement, to my office. My little get away. I had built it to get away from Julie and...her friends when they played that new age music. I went inside and locked the door. Straight across the room I walked, not bothering to turn on the lights. I knew this room. I grabbed the bottle of Black Velvet off the shelf, considered a glass but desided against it. I slid down to the floor, opening the bottle as I did. "Get drunk, yeah get. Thistime would be no different, except for the increased level of her desperationand greater sincerity of her begging. He licked again. Her clit was hard, so hard that it pushed her hood intothe shape of a tiny oval bowl. Her hood protected her from the top, and herlips squeezed together to protect her from the bottom. The flaw, or the beauty,depending on perspective, was that both could be peeled back leaving her vulnerableto his attack. He licked without urgency. She had taught him this. She. ” My smile was now gone, replaced with a shocked look. Then I smiled and laughed as I thought he was joking with me now, “okay very funny”, I said. He replied with, “Let’s try it now!” He dropped his pants and removed the rest of his clothes and as he opened the box to the toy he said, “Hurry up I’m horny.” That was already apparent as I noticed his cock was hard and throbbing. It was 7 inches, the same length as mine and just as thick, and it was even curved to the left like mine was so that. Finally inside, the place looked amazing. I felt like a k** in a candy store. There was nothing but men of all ages, sizes and color. I paid my entrance fee and was set loose. The main floor had a real movie theatre with strippers and behind it was a public area where men jerked off, together. It was hot to see all these guys, have their cocks out wake away and coming. I noticed there were many men that had wedding bands of their fingers. I left this area and decided to go down stairs. The.
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