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The glare on the mirror blocks her eyes. Not her lips. There’s a small wooden box covered with Rhine stones in front of her; silvery and gleaming ...t holds her most cherished possessions. Eyeliner, lipstick, masquera, and blush in every color from saffron to platinum, to black or purple.The multi-colored bits of plastic and painted wood pencils jostle and shift when she reaches in to grab a few tubes of lipstick; fuschia, yellow and purple. After a few minutes her lips are glossy and sticky. Just go for it.”Dave looked at me like I was half crazy, and maybe I was. Sammie and I had hit a rough patch in our marriage so it didn’t matter to me what might transpire between her and him. I was kind of hoping he would take a hint and simply join Sammie in the pool as Reba was looking more and more attractive to me.Reba looked at Dave and Reba nodded her head. We watched as Dave sauntered over to the pool and looked down at Sammie treading water in front of him, begging him to strip. Dave. "Ah it's OK," he cut me off, "come over here so I can get a look at you."He was wearing a white terrycloth robe that was tied at his waist and I imagined that he was naked underneath it. I hesitated at my car with the keys in my hand (just open the fucking door, start the car and get the fuck out of here). He smiled (an evil smile) and motioned me with his hand to come over."Come on," he said again, "just want to see how you're doing. I won't keep you long."(Yeah, just long enough to suck him. If I keep my cock inside deep and hold it there for a while and do that multiple times, that means I like having my cock buried deep. If I jab in and out quick and short, that means I like that speed.Use your tongue. There is a reason why you have one more muscle inside that cocksucking mouth. Use it to press against the underside of my cock so it brings me more friction. Lick the underside of my cock when I am pulling out and about to jab back in again. Lick the head of my cock when I hold it.
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