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For the past two months, she had been spending almost every weekend in his apartment. Their lovemaking last night had been more than usually tender an... satisfying, and remembering it, she smiled and moved closer to him. He stirred and mumbled something incomprehensible - he rarely woke up without a lot of difficulty - and was about to go back to sleep when Cat snuggled up closer and caressed his face. He responded, moving closer to her, and snuggling, their bodies face to face, their arms. Bastion was usually only gone a day and a half to check the lands and head to town for supplies. Today marked the third day he had been gone, and she was starting to worry. ‘Where is he,’ she thought. Her mind began to race with questions of where could he be, was he hurt, or maybe just tired of being around her. After all, she has been here with him for three years now. Bastion had saved her after her family was killed by a group of bandits. Though old enough to take care of herself, he. It didn't feel very comfortable compared to the soft old sofas she was used to, but she didn't want to say anything negative. "From a client. He said he'd set up an appointment for me, and he'd even pay, I just needed to turn up here at this exact time." You know this man's name?" the man asked, his tone of voice soft and reassuring.Jane shook her head."Well, you're right. I don't know how you managed to make such an impression on him, but he has indeed offered to pay for this procedure.All I. So, try not to be too upset when you see him. Are you ready?" Meka explained holding Gwen's hands and looking into her eyes as earnestly as she could."This sounds crazy, and if I didn't know that this is Doug's apartment I would call the men with the long sleeved white coats that tie in the back, to come and pick you up sister," Gwen told her, uncertainly."Doug, you can come out now," Meka called to me.I walked out wearing my black skirt, scarlet silk blouse, and two-inch pumps, unable to look.
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