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On my way to the bar, I notced a woman, around early 40s (at a guess) standing there drink in hand. She looked slightly bored nursing an almost empty ...rink in her hand. Maybe she was waiting for someone?By god she was gorgeous. Shoulder length, wavy brown hair, dark eyes and full lips. She was wearing a business suit and skirt. Classy and professional but still sexy which made my mind run wild with the thought of tracing her curves with my fingertips and imagining what it’d be like sliding off. "I was right, you are a pig!" I announced after watching sixty seconds of the tape. It was a tape that showed me undressing in my room. It showed me as I lay back on my bed ... as I touched my body ... as I inserted the plastic penis slowly between my legs. It was a performance I'd specially staged for my horny neighbour just ten days earlier."You shoulda closed the curtains, it's not my fault." He didn't realise I'd put on the show on purpose."You've masturbated to it haven't you?" I. “I have all the paperwork here. We’ll get everything signed and I’ll overnight your copies to your attorney. I have arranged for a berth for the yacht at Pelican’s Rest marina on Galveston.”Daryl nodded. “The Party On the Sea Of Love is equipped with a satellite phone. My attorney has your contact details. We’ll have the captain call you for the marina details as soon as we have the paperwork in hand.”The screen went blank. David spent the next 15 minutes going over all the paperwork with Matt. "Go ahead, try it." she told me. I opened my mouth and put her soft yet firm breast in my hands then placed her pointy puffy nipples in my mouth. I sucked on them playfully, closing my eyes and just enjoying the feeling of her hands on my clit. She then began to work her way down my body as I lay on my back, she sucked my nipples too, then licked my belly button, and eventually my clit. The feeling of her tongue separating my lips and touching my vagina, then coming back up and sucking my.
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