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.”“Sir, how much longer can we go on like this? We stay here much longer, you’re not going to be commanding a platoon, just an overgrown squad, ...nd Captain Holman’s going to be running a platoon.” I must have sounded like I was whining, but I wasn’t the only one who wanted to know. We’d been here now for thirteen months, well beyond the ‘seven to eight month’ deployment we had been told we were making.Briscoe nodded but held up a hand. “Specialist, I know what you’re saying, I really do. I. Usne apni behen ku piche se khada kar chodna shuru kardi, ye dek kar main chut ne wali thi ankh band karli, uski biwi jhat se mere pass ake chut mein apni mu pel di, mera toh jaan nikal gaya, main uska sar kaske chut ke taraf daboch ke pani chod rahi thi.Khareeb 5 minute tak pani araha tha , mera toh be haal hogaya, uski biwi meri chut ku chat ti ja rahi thi, meri chut tho phanke baja raha tha shant hone ka naam hi nahi le raha tha, neha khareeb 2 baar jhad gayi thi, ab uska bhai bi jhadne wala. "Wendy said, "I'd like to try that too. Is he really good Betty?" He is young and should get better as he gets older. Try it. Maybe you can teach him something new." I'd like to try that. Wally, will you and Betts change seats?"I was abused for a long time. They went from kissing to holding my body. The two boys were telling their mothers exactly what was happening. Erin went up front and kissed each of them a few times then sauntered back to her chair. The airwaves heated up then.Tom, the. Paresh joined his host-Couple in the chats, sitting opposite Srilekha. Having cast an askance look at Paresh, Sanjay noticed Paresh, though engrossed in the chats with them, was often staring at Srilekha’s bosom — practically his eyes were glued to her blouse-clad bosom. Sanjay smiled to himself.The sight instantly titillated the latent voyeuristic ego in Sanjay, and brought him to a strong erection in his trousers. From his facial mien, Srilekha — Sanjay’s understanding wife — could sense his.
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