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Mylittle sister said was goanna have her 5th birthday and I was notinvited cause it was a all girl's Barbie type party. Mom said thebabysitter would me to her house for the night and she wouldpick me up the next day.I did not want to go to the babysitter's house all she does ismake me sleep the whole time she's around. An hour before shecame to get me mom said that my sister said I could come to theparty but only if I was a girl. But I am not girl a girl I saidstarting to cry.See me and my. In fact it seemed almost... girlish."You might want to look down."Against your better judgement you found yourself following the mysterious callers advice and glanced downward. There, on your chest, protruded two perky, all natural, totally bare boobs. YOUR boobs! "What the fuck!" you exclaimed from the sudden sight, and in fear reached suddenly down to your boxers. In place of the comforting bulge of your own dick you found an absence and in its place a slightly moist entrance. "Yes, you're a. Paula hadn't arrived yet and I thought it might be her. It turned out to be a man leading a Great Dane on a leash. The men greeted each other and Vic led Tom into the back of the house. They returned to the front room shortly without the dog. I guess that Rex was locked in a bedroom or the bathroom.The men sat around for a few minutes, drinking beer and talking about how much fun they had with Paula yesterday. Tom seemed to find the part of their tale about Paula and Devil most. "Get yer ass outta bed Private!" she yelled into his ear, interrupting the dream about Roc's first orgasm. Mary saw that his dick was erect again. "What is this unsatisfactory boner you have here Private?" Roc was still trying to wake up and was mumbling incoherently. She rolled him out of his sleep chamber onto the cold, steel floor. "Go take a piss and report back to me." Roc's giant naked form padded to the latrine so he could relieve himself.While Roc was performing his daily ablutions,.
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