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I wondered how much bigger it could be. I might get a spanking or something but I had to know. “May I see it?” “Milly,” he said clearing his t...roat. “You are asking a very personal question here. When I take out my penis I usually have to use it. Now, if I take it out I have to have a good reason. Either I have to pee or I have to perform some sort of sexual act. So if you want to see it, you will have to at least give it a kiss.” That idea struck me like a thunderbolt. He wanted me to. Her hands moved to my front, my friend saw what was happening and reached out to stop them but I parryed her away and shook my head. The hands stroked the top of my shorts and I could now feel the warm, jagged breath of my fondler behind my ear."mmmm stay still little dove" she said and she slowly slid a hand into my pants. I gasped and moaned even louder as her fingers gently brushed against the lips. What I wasn't expecting was for my friend to move so close our bodys touched. My boobs. As you can imagine my balls were rather full and I am hoping this mysterious woman will help me empty them. I quickly get some clothes on and check that I am presentable enough to go over.I run down the stairs and head for my front door. Only to stop short and ask myself, “Shit. What will I say? If it’s not Kari it will be embarrassing.”Seeing as I haven’t cum in so long I thought I would just chance it. Out the front door I go and walk on over. Being so late during the week day everybody. "Kala shook her head, "You don't understand! Somehow my sister has imprinted her love for my husband and herself onto you, and if you're married I'll bet she has done the same to you're wife. I knew she was a powerful telepath, but she died three years ago with my husband to prevent the capture of their ship by the T'Lari. They blew up the cruiser they were stationed aboard. Even looking at you now, I can feel the love from you and I'm reciprocating it back to you, through the mind-speech. I'm.
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