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There was no reaction, she had obviously felt the cool air as I had entered the bathroom.I reached around her with both arms and embraced her fat bell..., my cock pushing against the crack of her ass. She pushed back, and I knew she was impatient. I rubbed my hands over her sagging midsection sliding smoothly with the water and soap. I kissed her shoulders and neck and was rewarded with moans of pleasure. I moved my hands up beneath her saggy tits and cupped them rolling her nipples between. Shannon knew both of them were hard headed and neither of them would start talking first so she decided to start it off. She walked over to Kevin and took the stuff from his hands he looked at her like he wanted to stab her so she took a step back and began to explain why she was over here and why she had been coming here for the past 3 months. Kevin listen patiently to the entire story about her not being pleased by her husband and fucking Maleka until they both cam three and four times.. " I told him how all I could think about that day was feeling and holding his cock. I was more forward than I had ever been withal man. I told him, "I want to see all of you and all of it. I want to taste it and let you fill my mouth with your cum." "Do you think you can handle it?" he asked. My only response was, "I hope so."When we finished our drinks I took him by the hand and led him to the elevator. His hand was on my waist as we stepped in. As the doors closed he pulled me close. . This is my first story here in the ISS. Suggestions are welcome.This is a real story with little imaginations.Going into the story, me and my cousin are very close right from the childhood days, though is 7 years elder to me. About her, she is a 5’5 fair and hot she has the most prettiest lips I has ever seen. She is slim with amazing attributes. She lives in Bangalore. Once a year she used to come to visit our family when I was a child. After 12th was over I went to Bangalore to spend my.
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