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The old lady says she doesn't have anyone to leave them to ... she'll probably junk them." Did you get a number? You're a wonderful person, Sultry" I'... certifiable for sure." Huh?" I married you ... planned it from the first time I saw you. I had to be crazy." Planned it?" Jack, you never had a chance." You still gonna love me when we get back from Chaos?" I been thinking about that ... it's all part of the job? Killing assholes and fucking damsels? Like renting out a stallion?" No adventure. I decided I no longer wanted to be passed around by my friends' boyfriends, just to have the opportunity to be intimate with girls again. I answered the phone on the fourth ring, just before the machine picked it up, resolving that I should at least have the guts to tell Kala we'd decided to quit. She didn't seem too surprised when I told her. After shooting the breeze for a few minutes, she finally got around to telling me about a party she was planning for the night of the vernal equinox, a. "Speaking of which, Manny. Does Terri have abig dick?"Terri raised her hand, as if to call for silence, and the ribbing cameto a gentle stop. We fell into casual conversation, about Trump, aboutthe wall, about Bruce on Broadway, about Captain Marvel, aboutweightlifting, about the way The Walking Dead fizzled out, about Gameof Thrones. It was the easy conversation of old friends. We talkedabout Glory's pregnancy, about Joy's new boyfriend, about Randy's newjob.Halfway through the night, Terri. There were plenty of more beautiful women already present- most of them taller than myself. If I was here to get picked up by a guyI was sure in for a hefty night of competition.Six women were being hit on already by those pilots so when I butted inbetween a couple of guys and slapped my hand on the counter and ordered adrink I was almost completely ignored. A few of the ones without girlsgave me casual glances but didn't look too long."That'll be two credits," the bartender said handing me a.
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