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We all had sex with everybody in the group. I really enjoyed sex. Junior and senior year were lots of parties and lots of sex. I had sex with so many ...uys. I really liked it. This is the story about a sex journal that I write in. It holds all my deepest and most secret fantasies. Whenever I am interested in somebody, I start a new journal and I write all sorts of sexy things into the book. Then when I get it just right, I purposely leave it in the possession of the person, who I want to have. I took this time to observe her driving. She owned a little Mazda Miata with gears. I loved watching her drive it. With every shift of the gears her shirt would ride up higher and higher exposing more of her toned up tan legs. I had noticed She was wearing the same brand of pantyhose that I had taken from her and was currently wearing. We arrived at the secret location. It was a place called Hoops Sports bar. It was well know for the hot looking waitresses to wear high gloss pantyhose like. I wore my shirt and then removed the towel. She was looking at me and didnt say any word, and there I knew that she also is attracted to me and I might get lucky tonight. I wore trouser and jacket and combed my hair and was ready to go. I looked at her and she was lost in some thoughts. I called her,Meghna, lets go. She moved as if woken up from a dream, and got up and we left for the marriage. We reached Rakesh’s house and greeted him and wished him and his family. As me and Meghna did not. “You’re a very attractive woman. I love that shade of lipstick you’re wearing. You’re a real beauty. You must be married to some lucky bastard.”Katherine giggled and began to flirt with Pete. She liked the attention he was giving to her. She found him attractive and already decided that she’d sleep with him. She hadn’t had sex in a long time and if the subject came up, she’d agree to his advances.They talked about their lives and what Pete did for a living. She told him about her marriage and a.
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