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She could feel the member throb against her tongue as she glared down at it ever so close, hypnotised by its girth and youth.Ryan Davies was just a re...ular short high-school teen with dark black hair and mischievous narrow eyes before this began. Then his life changed into a strange paradise. A paradise of big juicy cougar arse and motherly love that he stole from his best friend. He discovered that he REALLY liked the female back-side a few years back. He adored the view of a large female. Pulling the sheet down further, I commented, “Looks like the playpen had had fun too. Still pink and wet. I’d better check the inside too.”She moaned softly as I slid into the silky feeling I expected. “Mmmm! Good! Been well taken care of, my cock reports.” More moans. “My biggest sex organ, the one inside my head, says you are even more sexy than that last time I was there, now with millions of George sperm swimming around and all over me too. The same little wigglers my sperm shooter felt. Then we'll just move your stuff into my room and we'll make your room..." Cole, your mother isn't the only one you're about to have a fight with. Just who do you think you are that you start to plan my life out for me?" Her voice went from soft to almost a yell.Cole looked over at Sam and the three bodyguards. "Don't mind us, you guys just get in the car and follow along. Wendy doesn't understand yet." Yo!" Sam called back at Cole and Wendy. He motioned for the three men he had brought along to. My cock had sprung back out of my jocks and I must have looked ridiculous as I tried to put it back in my pants. It kept springing out. “Where did you come from? I thought I had a bit of privacy.” Tabatha was standing not 10 feet away from me in her yellow polka dot sundress. She had stopped laughing, but she was still smirking at my predicament. She had taken her sunglasses off and held the end of one arm suggestively to her lips. “I’ve been knocking on the front door for the last 10.
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