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My skin went dry like ancient paper, my hair fell tangled in my face, and the sounds of the temple slowly turned to silence. The humans let me be. One...priest stood watch outside my door. No one came or went. I sat, silent and still, seeing hearing, and feeling nothing. I do not know how many years I passed in this state, but I know how they ended. I heard a sound. Though I could not place it, it caught my attention and pulled me from the darkness. A dark haired girl ran through the curtained. Not finished yet she pulled the dildo out and began to work it with her mouth, licking and sucking it into her hot wet mouth. As she slowly came down from her pleasure plateau she opened her eyes and noticed she was no longer alone! The young man from the house down the road was standing off the side of the porch. He couldn’t be more than eighteen she thought, tall and slim with dark hair and oblivious to her finishing he was standing there with his eyes squeezed shut and his pants around his. . press her breast in both hands and then moving hand her panty finger to her pussy …she turn back her hand touch his dick …she make moaning sounds like aaaa aaa aa…. remove clip of her bra and press her bare breast…………..then she remove panty in ass backward …. slapping on her butt .. Kissing her ass and ass gape and lick , bite her ass ,and pushing her on couch spread her leg in both side kissing fully shaved pussy start licking using tongue in deep …. she make hard moaning sounds….then he. ”She moaned at the thought. "Yes, Master. I would enjoy that." Or perhaps I will simply keep you, completely controlled, completely owned. Would you like that?"She nodded. She was soaked, and yet she was tranced. Hypnotism was new to her so she didn't think she could be aroused and in trance at the same time. But every word he told her increased her arousal while simultaneously deepening her trance."I've been waiting for you to contact me and tell me you've submitted completely. What has.
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