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A remote keyboard sat in her lap as she leaned back in her oversized chair typing furiously.After only a minute, Karla emerged and said, “Mike, it�...s good to see you again. Come on in, I’ve got some papers for you to sign and then I’ll give you a tour of our facilities.”He followed her as she entered her office. He had to chuckle as he read the back of her tee-shirt. It was a picture of a heavily muscled female boxer, standing over an equally strong looking male who had obviously been severely. She was just beside the entrance. As I entered the kitchen, she pulled me closed and whispered, “What do you want?”I kept my mouth near her ear said, “You know what I want.” I held her mid-riff.“Don’t be mad. Your dad is in the next room. He can come any minute. Be careful. He always suspects me. Behave till he is around.”“So once he is not there, I can misbehave?” I asked in a whisper naughtily.She didn’t respond. I embraced her tightly, pressing her boobs to my chest.“Please, babu! Don’t. "I'm going to give that paper to one of my grad students. He's working in the same area. Did you really think I was going to let you go? Let you get on stage in front of all those normal people? Do you really think anyone would believe that an ass slut like you could produce a piece like that?" She was down to bra and panties now, the panties sliced in ribbons but the elastic still around her hips. "And your draft? Your notes?" he said as he cut the straps and then sliced the cups out of her. A few minutes later the curtain swung back and the girls appeared, and walked over to me, in the background a guy left the area as well!“Did you enjoy that Ian?” “Who was sucking me?”“Does it matter, did you enjoy it?”“Hell yes, very good sucking whoever it was”“Great so are you too going to have sex on the main bed next door, let the guys watch you?”“No mother I’m not!”“Thats a shame, you just suck a stranger off, and swallowed the lot, you didn’t appear to have an issue with that! Ian and I.
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