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She will grow wings and be able to fly. Beyondthat, she will be a little larger and stronger, particularly her chestand tail, and her hair and fur wil... change color. That's about it. Idon't see her developing any special powers or problems. I suspect thatshe'll have to endure some lame Wizard of Oz jokes from some of theother kids, but other than that..." she shrugged. "Are you sure...?" "I've only had this ability a few months, so it's entirely possiblethat I have missed some details. But the. Now I see many of my neighbours everyday while outside. This past weekend my neighbour living behind my house was just taking a morning walk and stoped to talk to me.He asked my why I was not at work I told hime I am now retired. He congratulated me, further sating that we should see each other more often now rather than talking over our back fence the odd weekend day while sitting in the yard. Of course I said I would like that given that I’m now free most days. That said he asked me if I. 45pm both were home and I directed them to get ready to go out, so get into the shower, get your hair & make up sorted. Not long after they got themself sorted out, I placed their new leather collars in place around their necks, directed them to put on their black fishnet stockings, heels, then I handed them their coats, picked up their Chain leashes. Then down to the car and off to The Colombian Hotel bar for a few drinks to end the week & relax. This was the first time I have taken Diana out. Now I’m going to push the boundaries, because I’ve never been this horny in my life. Would you like to get together this Saturday? I wouldn’t have to be home till 7.00pm.’ I waited patiently for a reply, it felt like I stared at my computer screen for hours. Then my email inbox flashed, letting me know I had new mail. Her reply was simple, one word. ‘Yes.’ I still remember, my heart began racing. I had now committed myself to meeting this stranger I knew hardly anything about. I calmed.
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