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I'd pretended not to look at how her short skirts rode up almost to her bottom when she reached up for a file. I'd revealed nothing when I saw the out...ine of tiny g-strings beneath her skirts, and I'd pretended not to notice on the occasions when she sat carelessly at her desk facing me and crossed her long legs to reveal the dark band where her stockings ended or the little white vee of her panties.Sometimes I'd leaned over her shoulder when she'd asked me to check something, I'd breathed in. My mind was going crazy. I was imagining myself with Melody and putting my face between her amazing breasts. I recovered quickly in the shower. My cock hardened as I soaped it. The bathroom door opened and entered Tina. She stumbled over on her tippy toes, she looked worn out and her makeup had run down her cheeks from her sweat and tears. Tina slumped down on the toilet. Her sloppy farts echoed in the tiny bathroom. She had put her face into her hands after I asked how she was doing. At. I imagine that what made it so strange to my friends is that I have probably been one of the more conservative women in the group. Or at least I have been up until now. I suppose we’re all wondering what has gotten into me.I grinned when that thought crossed my mind. I know exactly what has gotten into me. Glenn’s wonderful cock has gotten into me. It has gotten into me very far and I have never enjoyed a fuck that much in my life. I suppose they all knew that. It must have been obvious from. "You saved my life, Alan. Thank you." She kissed me on the cheek.I realized what had been nagging at me. "I don't remember telling you my name..." It is Alan, isn't it?" Yep. But when did I tell you?" I guess you didn't." She paused for a second, and then said "I'm psychic. Just so we're even, my name is Dee."She didn't seem to be kidding."Um, psychic? Really? You read my mind to get my name?" You don't believe me." She didn't seem offended."Well...I'm a scientist. We don't believe in that sort.
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