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Uesday, April 17, 2007I woke up after my usual brief sleep, and lay in bed using my downstairs study's computer to browse the news networks' websites,...primarily the print media because the TV networks use sound too much and, as I believe I've mentioned, I can't get goddamn sound blobs to work. The most important consequence of my activities yesterday was that Jonathon Winters was now a VERY busy guy. He now had a large office building, many people helping him, etc. The "Make a Shortlist of. Gregg went closer until the Swami held up his hand to stop. "The question is, Gillstrom, what are you going to do about the girl, Samantha? Disrespect has been shown. She has failed to know her place as a handmaiden, as dasa."Gregg realised at once the Swami was right. He couldn't believe that he had forgotten her insults and the way that she had ignored him. Sam needed to be shown the error of her ways; to be convinced of the power of the Swami. He was about to thank the Swami for his guidance. One day I was so drunk that I was unable to stand still and sober enough to not understand anything that been going on around was mid night around 12 -2am,I was able to get back to my senses and the first thing I experienced was his cumshots deep in my throat again and that was the night I cried since a long time back then.I asked him how could you take advantage of my situation when it was you who pushed me away,he replied that he couldn't control himself that it's been very long since I. After a few kilometers I have to pass a place, where the path is quite narrow and on the right hand is a huge bush of brambles filling out half of the way. When I reach this point, I turn to the left side of the path automatically and suddenly I hear a shout “Ahh, watch out!” Instinctive I steer to the right side again and I drive right into the brambles. “Outch, fuck”. I am glad that I did not fall off my bike, but my arm and my face are scratched a little.“Oh I´m so sorry” I hear a voice and.
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