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This is for you my goddess---I am your son in this dream i am a short young man of only about four feet six inches tall,You being my mother on the oth...r hand are a towering stacked wonder of nature standing a full eight feet tall your bust thrust out huge like two massive beach balls thrusting against any clothing you wear stretching your dress so tight they would swing & sway heavily as you walked ,i had yet to discover your secret between your legs ,and once i had discovered it then i knew. "I don't remember any of that, but I know he was always there. If I went outside to play, Joe would tag along and be nearby in case I got afraid, needed a hug, or wanted to play. His back became my magic carpet, and he carried me everywhere."Mom used to say they weren't sure if I had any legs, because Joe always picked me up and took me wherever I wanted to go. By the time I was four or five, I slept in Joe's bed. Mom would put me down for the night, turn out the light, and before she got to. Shelly and Pam were in uniform with the gold bars of a Second Lieutenant on their collar points. As I said, it was a surprise and not a good one. I looked at Mandy and said:“I assumed when you said you were nurses at the local hospital you meant County General.”“To us, the post hospital is the local hospital. Give me a minute to change and then we can go.”She left the room and once she was gone I turned to Shelly and Pam and told them:“Tell her I’m sorry and that I’ll never forget her.”I turned. .. Thank you. I’m looking forward to it.”I touched my finger to my brow and left her. She watched me leaving, then as she turned, I saw the smile forming on her face as she glanced back at me then walked out the back door to the patio, lit up a smoke, and pulled her phone out. I watched her from the parking lot. Maybe I was a stalker.She talked on the phone, animatedly, smiling and laughing, then said something, nodded, spoke again, pushed the screen, put the phone in her jacket pocket, and put.
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