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" I handed her copies of three of the tapes. "While you were frolicking with Roy-the-toy there, eating up his words about me and his promises to make ...ou queen of his castle, 'Studly' there was making the same deal with several others. Check out his words to Amberlin, Maxine and Tonya." You're lying!"I shrugged. "As if I care what you think. Take them or don't. Meanwhile, regardless of what you have been told, I make the payments on this house. So vamoose!" Damn considerately I thought, given. Not a letter or a phone call. God only knew what she thought about him now. He thought about how he'd promised to call her every day, twice if he could, how flippantly he'd made that promise, how naïve he'd been when it had passed his lips.The first two weeks of their tour had passed in an unbelievable blur, a harsh and unforgiving routine of sound checks, bus rides, autograph sessions, radio station interviews, eating, drinking, getting wasted, and, briefly, for one hour every day, performing.. Darron's office was nothing more than a fifteen-by-fifteen room, that contained a loveseat, a small desk in the corner, bookshelves, and a filing cabinet. There was also a coffee table in front of the wanna-be couch.The teacher opened the door, and while placing her hand at the base of Alysha's spine, she ushered her in.Ms. Darron told her student to please be seated, pointing to the loveseat. Alysha thought: What the hell am I doin here? I haven't done anything. Ms. Darron locked the door. We get vaporized, blown apart, eaten by space monsters, or erased from history, so that only Sailor Scouts who possess ChronoShards even remember them. And what happens to our enemies? They escape with their lives, if only barely, or they get brought back to life by their servants, or cloned, or rebuilt as a robot or a golem. And there's never enough time to mourn our dead, because as soon as we've finished with one mission, another one springs up. Our roster database is disgustingly out of.
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