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” “Oh honey, I thought I’d take you out tonight. Someplace nice and romantic before ravishing your body.” “No need honey, I have everything ...ight here,” said Kris looking into my eyes. It was then that I noticed the glow from the candles. I looked around at the romantic atmosphere . She had put a lot of work into making this a special evening. I wondered to myself, what did I ever do to deserve such a fantastic wife. “Are you sure dinner can’t wait?” I asked with an evil grin. Kris playfully. Her high tinkling laugh drifted to me across the noise of the cafe as they shared some unknown joke. I felt a moment of envy for the man serving her. I wanted to have those green eyes flashing at me – to have that laugh responding to some comment of mine. Then I acknowledged the envy for the foolishness it was and let it fade away.I turned away and looked out the window when I saw her paying for her order. I could clearly see her reflection in the glass but this way she wouldn't see me staring. I thought to myself you blow that one dumbass. I pulled the sheets back and laid back down. There was a knock at the door and I looked over to see her lean in and wink, then she left. After lunch she came back with a large bowl and a couple of towels. " it's time for your sponge bath " she said. I smiled and asked what happened to the normal lady? She smiled and said I traded with her. I said okay, she smiled and went to the sink and ran water in the bowl and added some soap from the. The morning air was crisp and the breeze that blew cut straight to the bone. The sun had crept over the distant hills and illuminated the flat, wooded landscape in Kentucky that we call home. Temperatures in the low 40’s had been called for this week and I smoked as fast as my body would let me, desperate to get back inside to the warmth. As I put my cigarette in the ashtray, I noticed the property next door was for sale and made a note to check how much they wanted for it. Land was cheap in.
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