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Can I meet her? Just a quick hello..." No!" I said."Aw, come on, we're old mates ? I've already said hello toher."I stood at the door. It couldn't be ...ocked. I felt Johnpush the door open. I pushed against him but gave in.There at the door I stood, dressed to the nines, with Johnstaring at me only wrapped in his towel. "Whoa! Sorry!Where's Bernie?! Um, Bernie?" Yes John, it's me. Happy now?" Was that chick in the backyard you? Geez!"I was so embarrassed, and scared, and told him so."Actually,. She untied her hair knot and squeezed the rainwater out. I said, “grandma, Your saree and petticoat is wet, why don’t you take off your saree, squeeze out the water and dry”She smiled, took off her saree and handed over it to me and said, “You are good at squeezing, Shiva”I wrung the water out of the saree and tied the two ends to the pillars to dry.She was standing there in front of me only with wet petticoat and blouse, her hair spread across her back, down to the knees. The rain stopped, the. I kept my eyes on the road but I felt it. "Now David, you get your ass back to that school, and you do what you need to do."The remark and the car were the reasons that took me to the guidance counselors office the day before school officially started. The older, to me at least, woman sat looking at my record. "Let me get this straight David, you want to retake a course that you passed two years ago?" Yes Ma'am, I made a D in biology and I want a chance to fix it." It is commendable but you are. The Dean’s hand never left her groin, her fingers constantly teasing her, circling her aching clit, dipping along her slit, pushing through the lips and scraping her nail along the hot tender flesh.Cathy arched her back, eyes closed and moaned almost continuously now. She loved it and hated it. She desperately needed to cum.“Ohhh, fuck!” Cathy screamed as two fingers plunged deep inside her. She felt them filling her, the fingers crossed, like the Dean was lying, as she pushed them deep inside.
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