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“Come on BITCH fight me” she screamed at me as I caught my breathe,I paused taking in her strong stance all most boxing style, I lifted my self ha...f way up and I dived at her stomach causing us both to crash down hard on the tiled floor,I had landed hard on top of her winding her slightly as she let out a deep sigh, I sent a couple of punches into her face cutting her lip she responded with a couple of head shots which caught both sides of my head, I was leaning fast I couldn’t box this bitch. I have this “urge” to have the Teriyaki Chicken that I like so much. - Yes, we will have the time for that. I also like that chicken dish there. We got to the mall and we went to the shoe store where the boots were advertised. They were some black leather boots, very polished and with a zipper on the side that made them adjust to my wife’s legs like a glove. It did make her legs look awesome. The heel was about 4 inch stiletto type that made her look very devilish seductive.. He was wet with sweat and asked if I minded if he took his shirt off. I shook my head no as he slowly peeled his wet t-shirt over his head, revealing a lightly-furred, deeply-muscled torso with a delicious, dark, happy-trail diving into his button-fly jeans…. It looked like he was getting erect.My mouth watered as he sauntered over to take the Gatorade. Ben posed and flexed, slowly running his fingers through his damp, dark, and curly hair, letting me admire his muscled physique. His other. Naturally, my body was attuned to the rigours of the exercise and diet. Preeti followed my example and excelled in hand ball and the girls kho kho. We both were blessed with great height and proportions. I was 6’2” and she was 5’9”.Being based out of Mumbai, our upbringing was liberal, but we had somehow bound to our roots. Our father was one of the owners of a multi-brand retail chain and therefore brushed shoulders with who’s who. The liberalism was enticing and through age and company of our.
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