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” Shelaughed. “But I knew she thought I’d probably do itwith somebody before long. I guess she thought I mighthave inherited...her `hot pants’ and she didn’t want me toget pregnant. “So, I don’t see why I can’t help you sometimes. Itisn’t as though you’re going to knock me up and have topay for an abortion.” I was aghast at her suggestion. “But you’re mydaughter!” As though that were. I felt slightly sorry for the girl, who had the reputation of being both stupid and easy, a bad combination. I’d even heard that she’d given her current tormentor a blowjob earlier that year when she first arrived, but I knew from experience that a lot of guys in our school would exaggerate or outright lie about their sexual conquests to earn respect. It was sad, but I resigned myself to watch silently; making any effort to stand up for her would only make me a target. And so I watched,. But as days went on, I knew I was falling for him. What a perfect boyfriend I knew he’d be. He would never hurt me and we could talk honestly to each other. Not to mention he was unbelievably cute. From his shaggy blonde surfer hair to his tan muscular build. I often fantasized about us being together. I knew he felt the same way, but he always tried to hide it. I could tell the way he looked at me when I asked him if a certain pair of pants made my butt look big, or when me and him wrestled. It was strange my left leg, my back and left arm all went numb. Of course I fell to the stage as the rest of my body went numb. There was a ringing muffling like sensation as I blacked out. When I wake up my wrists and ankles hurt really badly. I am nearly naked as the only thing I have on is a string bikini and it really is just a string just a little less in width than my pinky finger. But what scares me the most are the metal rings that are in my wrists and ankles. They look like they are.
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