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"You betrayed me three times before the day really got started..."Pia can only say, suddenly rather anxious, "Jude, I hope everything will be okay. St...p now, if you don't think it will. The money doesn't matter, does it?"Judith shakes her head and smiles. "Not a bit. It's not been that much, anyway..."She pauses. "Let's go ahead. No, listen for one more minute, Pea, baby ... don't be so damned anxious, okay? It's all been planned properly, and it's what I want. Understand?"Everything happens. At redemption.Two: I got the hard drive. Just two-and-a-half inches wide, the flat, metallic rectangle in the side pocket of the bag was the only evidence of my involvement. Disabling the cameras would have taken too long, and my reconnaissance during the prior weeks revealed that the feed wasn't backed up, nor networked. No drive, no witnesses, no case.Three: I got her. A witness, upsetting the precision of the job. Aside from the rent-a-cop we dodged outside as he raised the alarm, the store. Elizabeth went back to Memphis. We probably won't see her back here ever again."Jason sighed as he recalled Elizabeth's wonderful scent and the little mole that danced on her full lips. The sight of her standing there nude in the bright lights of the Sheriff's car also stuck in his mind. He had jacked off more than once since then with her naked image in his mind."What happened to those guys that posed as sheriffs, Earl and Norman?" My dad said that they caught Earl over in Winston County just. FMC Carswell didn’t loom there as grimly as I had hoped; it looked sort of like a large suburban post office. Probably more unpleasant from the inside looking out. I sincerely hope so.Next I GPS’d myself to the area known among a certain in-crowd as the Chicken Stroll. East of Dallas. Sort of a dreary mashup of decaying urban, unsuccessful industrial / warehouse low-rises, and some faded rural dreams. I got out and blinked in the morning sun. June temp already in the 90s and heading north.I.
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