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Suddenly, She got angry and said “are you lost your mind, I’m your mother. And you are going to teach me about sex”.Then I replied, “don’t g...t angry, mom. Orgasm is the ultimate satisfaction of women. It’s so pleasure to feel that. I think that you don’t know about masturbation also. Since dad left us, you would not have masturbated. As I already told that I’m a boy and you are such a beautiful lady and we can satisfy ourselves. Then she replied “no son, I can’t accept what you are saying”. And. ..Day One: Caught.....I had checked in the night before and took a quick look out the window at the hotel wing facing me. An awesome full wall of windows to voyeur into later tonight; a voyeur's paradise. I was really tired from the drive so I stripped, washed up and unpacked....Oh yea, I left the curtains open. As night fell, my brightly lit room was a little too bright I did not hotel security to show up the first night. I dimmed the light to a respectable glow and sat down on the bed. As. As soon as we were inside, we began making out. I moved my left hand up into her blouse and fondled her huge tits. Her own left hand moved down to my pants and began undoing my belt. Then she dropped down to her knees and began sucking my hard cock. While I watched my dick go in and out of her face, I looked at her large ass, imagining what it would be like to fuck her from behind. I was ready to cum and would have been more than glad to shoot my load across her face, but I loved her; the first. I could feel his wet tongue against my neck, sliding around my skin. I shudder and scan the hallway, people aren't focused on us, to my relief but I wonder why he is displaying so much public affection today. I like the attention but it is wrong and leaving me conflicted. He bites down and starts sucking on my neck causing me to moan in pleasure.His hand trail down to my butt, giving it a light secretive squeeze. He pulls away "See you later." is all he says before he leaves. What the hell just.
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